Wednesday Surprise! Surprise! It’s Tuesday!

Wow, the Wednesday Surprises have really gone the way of the buffalo lately, huh? Well, to be fair, I have no help in posting these and sometimes things come up. And by ‘things coming up’ I mean stomach flu. Yep, yours truly, Chancellor Buckets, had it coming outta both ends. (Have you ever had clear … Continue reading

Insert Joke About Taking Back the Night Here

Last minute. Lasting Memories. Oh, and buy me a drink. Amen. Oh, and it is this Saturday. The 25th of June in the year of someone’s lord 2011.

Reminder for Chicago Readers: The Night Can Always be Taken Back Again


And Then This One Week in June…

…I will be DJing twice with the best music partner around, Jobe. Where I fall apart in the annals of music history and taste she picks up and runs further than imaginable. I just follow. Come out and drink with us, debate with us, attempt requests to only have them denied, and leave with a … Continue reading

Nightlife is the Right Life

If you live in or around Chicago, come out this Saturday night to the Whistler. Myself and friend, Lauren, will be spinning good music. And you finally have that opportunity to buy me a drink.