The State of a Union

The United States of America is the greatest country in the world, if you ask any American. As an American I have to disagree…Sweden or Norway seems much better. One thing the USA does have is 50 states and each one is very proud to be labeled as such. Indiana, my homeland, is obviously the … Continue reading

Surprise! No More Wednesday Surprise! I Surprise You Whenever I Fucking Feel Like it!

I pride myself on learning, finding, and sharing music that isn’t known to a majority of people. I also pride myself in having my guilty pleasures, though I do not pride myself on using the term “pride myself.” The opening sentence sounds like a douche-y thing to say…bear with me. It is not a pride … Continue reading

Grating Hits 8

A mix. A mix that will blow your balls off. If you have them. If you don’t you will grow them just to have them blown off. Welcome back, me. I am happy to be here and I am glad you came back here. Now get thrown to the back of the room. Here.

Free Download: Grating Hits 6

Time for more free music. No theme here, simply things I’ve been digging lately. Some happy and some downright violent. Let’s swim in the warmth by hiding in the cool depths. Also it was time to do some design changes. Gone is the “Hitz,” and home is the “Hits.” Why? Shit with uneeded ‘Z’s is … Continue reading

Free Download: Grating Hitz Five

I know, I know. You may still be processing the mayhem of GHFour but I just couldn’t help myself. The IDEA of summer is just so alluring (we, in Chicago, had snow just a few days ago) that I thought it would be pertinent to make a nighttime, wind down mix. I’m sure you can … Continue reading

Free Download: Grating Hitz Three

Here is a taste of warm weather and exposed garbage lining the sidewalks. Here is new love and shameful walks. Here is goddamn freedom courtesy of the sun and stars. Who would’ve thought that France Gall and Danzig would get along so well? Boom.  

Free Download: Grating Hitz Two

In celebration of the mental disease that affects almost everyone in this blessed city, Seasonally Affective Disorder (S.A.D.), I have constructed this mix for those of us stuck in the seemingly endless winter. The download link is below and you can be rest assured that it is organized much better for downloading (in .zip form) … Continue reading