Surprise! No More Wednesday Surprise! I Surprise You Whenever I Fucking Feel Like it!

I pride myself on learning, finding, and sharing music that isn’t known to a majority of people. I also pride myself in having my guilty pleasures, though I do not pride myself on using the term “pride myself.” The opening sentence sounds like a douche-y thing to say…bear with me. It is not a pride … Continue reading

Wednesday Surprise

So when it comes to music I have figured out that drums, or more broadly, rhythm, is my favorite part of it. Having just finished the wonderful biography of Led Zeppelin, “When Giants Walked the Earth“, I learned that not only was Bonham a badass, and my favorite drummer, second being Dave Grohl, but he was … Continue reading

Free Download: Fugazi – In On The Kill Taker (Steve Albini Session)

You know In on the Kill Taker. Great, right? Albini recorded it as well but the Fugazis decided to stick with their usual studio at Inner Ear in DC. Dig it. Yup. Oh, it’s here.

And Then This One Week in June…

…I will be DJing twice with the best music partner around, Jobe. Where I fall apart in the annals of music history and taste she picks up and runs further than imaginable. I just follow. Come out and drink with us, debate with us, attempt requests to only have them denied, and leave with a … Continue reading

Free Download: Grating Hitz Two

In celebration of the mental disease that affects almost everyone in this blessed city, Seasonally Affective Disorder (S.A.D.), I have constructed this mix for those of us stuck in the seemingly endless winter. The download link is below and you can be rest assured that it is organized much better for downloading (in .zip form) … Continue reading

Take Back the Night

Again, hosting a pure metal night. Same venue, fresh hate.

The Birthday.

So the plan was, and is, to camp…and that’s it. Fire, whiskey, stories…do it. The camping/celebration is going to happen the weekend after the actual birthday. Yes, this is when the adventures happen, and the hospital visits. I have the first aid kit, five knives, and pounds of vegetables ready…just give me the campsite and … Continue reading