Wednesday Surprise! Surprise! It’s Tuesday!

Wow, the Wednesday Surprises have really gone the way of the buffalo lately, huh? Well, to be fair, I have no help in posting these and sometimes things come up. And by ‘things coming up’ I mean stomach flu. Yep, yours truly, Chancellor Buckets, had it coming outta both ends. (Have you ever had clear … Continue reading

Grating Hits 8

A mix. A mix that will blow your balls off. If you have them. If you don’t you will grow them just to have them blown off. Welcome back, me. I am happy to be here and I am glad you came back here. Now get thrown to the back of the room. Here.

Wednesday Surprise

This week’s Wednesday surprise is a double-header. Why? Because I rule. Nektar was an English prog rock band that started in Germany in 1969 and got their shit together quick enough to release their debut, Journey to the Centre of the Eye, on Bacillus in 1972. Both sweeping and stoner, the multitude of sounds herein … Continue reading

Free Download: Grating Hits 6

Time for more free music. No theme here, simply things I’ve been digging lately. Some happy and some downright violent. Let’s swim in the warmth by hiding in the cool depths. Also it was time to do some design changes. Gone is the “Hitz,” and home is the “Hits.” Why? Shit with uneeded ‘Z’s is … Continue reading