Wednesday Surprise! Surprise! It’s Tuesday!

Wow, the Wednesday Surprises have really gone the way of the buffalo lately, huh? Well, to be fair, I have no help in posting these and sometimes things come up. And by ‘things coming up’ I mean stomach flu. Yep, yours truly, Chancellor Buckets, had it coming outta both ends. (Have you ever had clear … Continue reading

Wenesday Surise; Saturday Edition

How about that. I promise something and don’t follow through. Well, I have been busy doing things that I enjoy so I am not giving you a sincere apology. I plan on making it up to you with this music if you could just hold up for a goddamn second. In this last week I … Continue reading

Surprise! No Wednesday Surprise!

As I wrote last week, there will not be a Wednesday Surprise this week due to the fact that I am busy unpacking and the like. While the physical relocation is complete (and tiresome, of course. While helping me with my record collection yet again, Johnny perfectly put it, “Man…you need to get a new hobby. … Continue reading

From a Slumber the Earth Creaks…

  …and February 8th pulls itself out of the ground to cough into a microphone and say, “Chode School, <cough>,  is back up and running. For the time being. <burp> I hope someone is still out there. I’m gonna go put some clothes on.” Surprises beginning Wednesday.  

Free Download: Grating Hits 7

The latest in cornucopias of fantastic music, Grating Hits 7 has a few long ones but I think we’re all mature enough to deal. Some pop, some psych, some spoken word (I was as surprised as you, but just give Iceberg Slim a chance), some metal, and some Billy Joel (from Wiki: “The lyrics of … Continue reading

Wednesday Surprise

Wednesday Surprise. Every Wednesday from now until the world ends on October 21st…oh, wait, he had a stroke?…where was I? Oh, every Wednesday I will offer up a free download of an album I feel should be spread around the world. High quality and all that jazz. These will be out of print and of … Continue reading

Free Download: Oh, I Do

A friend asked me to help her out with some musical selections for a wedding she has to dj. As it was a rather vanilla party I dug deep and came up with these selections, friendly to kids and elderly alike. The best part is that they are all great songs so everybody wins. The … Continue reading

Free Download of The Nods Unreleased Full Length

For those that are unaware, I spent the better part of my twenties playing with some of the most interesting, exciting, and generally weird individuals in a band called Even Homer Nods, later shortened to the Nods. We shared the stage with many good bands, most notably Yo La Tengo, Dead Meadow, and Faun Fables, … Continue reading

King Diamond Interview

Here is the full audio of the phone interview I did with King Diamond for Your Flesh magazine. Enjoy. Listen to it here: King Diamond Interview