SURPRISE! No Wednesday Surprise!

Sorry, folks. There is no awesome album download today. The good news…I will be getting my paws on a new machine that will allow me to upload music easier and faster. (This current one has no working CD player.) In the meantime I want to share with you a few videos of one of my … Continue reading

Wednesday Surprise

So when it comes to music I have figured out that drums, or more broadly, rhythm, is my favorite part of it. Having just finished the wonderful biography of Led Zeppelin, “When Giants Walked the Earth“, I learned that not only was Bonham a badass, and my favorite drummer, second being Dave Grohl, but he was … Continue reading

Wednesday Surprise

Mmmmmmm, that feeling of being nestled into a new place…new car smell for the soul. Coming home from work and not worrying about my personal safety, that’s where happiness lies. Trust me. For the second week in a row I have to do an RIP post, but this one is with less a heavy heart. … Continue reading

Surprise! No Wednesday Surprise!

As I wrote last week, there will not be a Wednesday Surprise this week due to the fact that I am busy unpacking and the like. While the physical relocation is complete (and tiresome, of course. While helping me with my record collection yet again, Johnny perfectly put it, “Man…you need to get a new hobby. … Continue reading

Wednesday Surprise

The term “guilty pleasure” has never set well with me as pleasures cannot truly induce guilt. Unless it involves illegal activities and/or a man of the cloth giving special treatment to an unwilling party, but that’s their problem. However for the sake of clarity these two albums could easily be classified as such whether or … Continue reading

Wednesday Surprise: Country & Western Edition

Longtime readers and friends will be surprised by this, maybe as much as myself. A wonderful thing about working in a record shop and surrounding myself with music nerds is being turned on to something that I may have never otherwise encountered. Now I grew up in southern Indiana in a very rural part outside … Continue reading

Grating Hits 8

A mix. A mix that will blow your balls off. If you have them. If you don’t you will grow them just to have them blown off. Welcome back, me. I am happy to be here and I am glad you came back here. Now get thrown to the back of the room. Here.

Wednesday Surprise: Back From the Dead Edition

When was it…August, September when we last spoke? I could check but I like the rhetorical much better. A lot has happened in these computer-less, winter months. But let me begin by saying I have missed putting up music, making mixes, and simply writing to all of you. While it may not have been good … Continue reading

From a Slumber the Earth Creaks…

  …and February 8th pulls itself out of the ground to cough into a microphone and say, “Chode School, <cough>,  is back up and running. For the time being. <burp> I hope someone is still out there. I’m gonna go put some clothes on.” Surprises beginning Wednesday.  

Wednesday Surprise

This week’s Wednesday surprise is a double-header. Why? Because I rule. Nektar was an English prog rock band that started in Germany in 1969 and got their shit together quick enough to release their debut, Journey to the Centre of the Eye, on Bacillus in 1972. Both sweeping and stoner, the multitude of sounds herein … Continue reading