Hurt Love (Chapters 3 & 4)

3 After crossing only a few streets and following the walkway underneath Lake Shore Drive we found ourselves at the lake famished and already sweating. My right arm hair lay thick and gathered and wet from the constant swiping to keep the salty drips from entering my wounds. The lake seemed especially blue and expansive … Continue reading

Hurt Love

1 “I’m in the lobby.” “Okay. I’ll be right down.” I felt a nervous twist in my gut and sighed as I stared at the wall. My head remained hot where my hands had been supporting it and small beads of sweat had appeared in the valleys of my furrowed brow. Resting my mouth upon … Continue reading

It’s Always a Nightmare to Bring Your Girlfriend Home

Written Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006. Dana and I pulled into the driveway in the 2006 rental car. The booming stereo ended with the engine as she turned the key to off. How did we not see her in the driver’s seat behind that massive rack? Not the one I suckled as a child, appreciating every … Continue reading

My Friend Got Married at an Early Age

Written Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006. He told me on my birthday. May 10th, 1999. “You’re twenty-one, Patrick. Are you sure?” “Yeah. I mean, I know she’s the one. Why wait?” “Because you’re young. We’re young. Shouldn’t we have adventures or something beforehand?” “We have. Remember the baby pool?” “That was stupid. And so is this. … Continue reading

Papa Died on the First Day it Snowed

    Written Monday, October 16th, 2006.   When I looked in the mirror I thought of everything I needed to get done before Terry’s dinner tonight. Pick up wine. Inquire on why it takes so long to get my Netflix in the mail. Get my passport. It wasn’t until I grabbed my keys on … Continue reading

The Sounds Filtered Through a Log Cabin’s Walls Still Sound Completely Natural

Written Monday, October 23rd, 2006. The night air was wet. It hadn’t yet, but I knew it was gonna make my blanket wet by sunrise. The kind of wet night that makes you worry that it’ll make you sick. Spring Mill State Park. Mitchell, Indiana. Settler’s Village. 3:00Am. I’m washing my clothes in the creek … Continue reading


Written Tuesday, December 5th, 2006. “Are you sure you’re doing it right?” “Jesus, Terrance, yes. See…I’m pushin’ the button and since there’s no fire, it ain’t goin’ beep beep.” All is quiet in the Thompson household two hours later. Terrrance sleeps with the television on. Mama Thomp sleeps with her arm in the crater where … Continue reading

In Her Apartment

Written Tuesday, December 12th, 2006. The stairs creaked the same way each time he climbed them. One sounded dull, deep. Another sharp and cracking. Plastic covered the middle of the case, the most traveled part. It added a click to each groan. The handrails were painted a dark brown, shiny, and chipped. With the layers … Continue reading

I Think I Can…

A snippet of fiction. “Weddings force singles to think of the future, elders the past, and the intelligent to feel extremely uncomfortable.” -unknown, 2007 Brian passes through the double doors and onto the back patio. A few lights remain on the fairways, but none on the sand traps or greens. He sets his drink on … Continue reading

chode school’s Sister Site

I’ve accumulated an array of pictures that I’ve nothing to do with. So I decided to go with vignettes. Couple a story with a found photo and it’s a hit, yes? Yes. Click here. Fuck off and go there. I’ll still be here. And there. Omnipresent. Like God.