No More Surprise, Just Facts and Good Music


“Dyin’ ain’t no way to live, boy.” Unfortunately the man that said that is pretty much dead.

While the Wednesday Surprise was a good run it just wasn’t parallel with my life. I write when I want to (which is pretty much everyday, though it is not on this site) and I felt that it was constrictive of the actual goal. What is that goal? As far as you’re concerned it is to give you fuckers new music to bust balls to. Lets do this.

You like soundtracks? I do. Especially from Morricone, Carpenter, and Goblin. I just discovered this band from the early 70s and, though they did no soundtracks (at the time, one of the dudes does that stuff now), it reeked of Bollywood meets white dudes that are totally down with Bollywood that carry guns like the old west but are Canadian and had no real Wild West. Too much? Put down those Doritos and follow me…

Sparse instrumentation mixed with perfect percussion and a deep knowledge of the Moog and you have Syrinx. They were only around from 1970-72 and it is a shame that they couldn’t have made a bigger impact on music at the time. This album, Long Lost Relatives, is, beginning to end, magic. Perfect for both parties and staying in, alone, waiting for the tornado to take everything from you.


Our next fellow Chode School’s class of 2013 is Dominique Lawalrée, a Belgian composer. I love solo piano and if you don’t you have no heart. The first song, “Bonjour Chez Vous!”, is light and happy, almost like a Bernstein ditty mixed with a romantic comedy. Meh, I could take it or leave it. The remainder of Vis à Vis, however, is much more maudlin. Suck down some wine and fall asleep while filling the bathtub only to be awoken by the water slapping the floor like life does to you, but in the face. It is truly beautiful and majestic, if mountains could talk.


“I’m sorry, I can’t hear you. The mountains are talking.”

If mountains could talk I am sure it would be boring, much like the Far Side comic where the scientist adapted headphones to translate what the dogs were saying and all it was was, “Hey, hey, hey, hey…” Shut up, mountains.


For the finale I give you a Kraftwerk bootleg. You know them (but if not click on it and read about them, newbie) but I always love hearing live bootlegs so as to hear something I never had the chance to. Song #2, “Ruck Zuck” (as it is written on my shitty vinyl compilation), is one of my all-time favorite songs. It is such a shame I can’t play this in my apartment because with the in-between-song clapping my dog freaks out, somehow thinking that there is a large group of German people inside clapping at the beautiful music.

Sorry, it is long so I split it into two. You like my correct grammar?

Here one.

Here two.

BONUS: You wanna hear people on kazoos that have given up on life and cover your favorite songs? Good! Here you go.


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