The State of a Union

The United States of America is the greatest country in the world, if you ask any American. As an American I have to disagree…Sweden or Norway seems much better. One thing the USA does have is 50 states and each one is very proud to be labeled as such. Indiana, my homeland, is obviously the best. And by best I mean the weirdest. I digress though I said I would never use the term, “I digress.”

To celebrate our independence from those goddamn lobster-backs I present to you a mix that enjoys what each state has to offer. In reality, the lady presented this challenge…one song from each state. The rules were simple: the song must mention the state or a major city or be included in the title. Easy, right? No. Try to find something about Maine. I did, but, boobs on a wall, was it hard.

I spent a lot of time arranging the mix in alphabetical order according to state but after uploading it refused to be in said order. So, enjoy, nonetheless.

Oh, and find the chode school playlist on Spotify. Grandpa is gettin’ into this technology thing.

EDIT: Props to my friend, David Perez, for helping with the California song. There are too many and this was his choice…one that I somehow overlooked. Stay gay, Dave.


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