Wednesday Surprise! Wednesday Edition! I Made This Joke Last Week! I’m Good!

Face it. More bad ass than you, or I, will ever be. Even his eyebrows say, “Go fuck yourself.”

If you are a regular reader you know that I hate people. What I hate more is the spineless fucks that seemingly rule our world. I am stewing in a sea of self pity and anger, as you may be able to tell, but also a sea of general WHAT THE FUCK. Anyway, the only thing that can get me through this is good music. And that is what I have for you.

Remember when I told you about Billy Joel being an underrated mastermind? No? Well this is the album that you need to listen to now and forever. I think my friend Jeremiah (who hosts a weekly radio show that his name links to) would agree. Tune in…every once in a while yours truly shows up on the air and we blast the cobwebs off of your butthole.

Happy birthday, you questionable asshole. I love you. <sobs>



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