Wenesday Surise; Saturday Edition

How about that. I promise something and don’t follow through. Well, I have been busy doing things that I enjoy so I am not giving you a sincere apology. I plan on making it up to you with this music if you could just hold up for a goddamn second.

In this last week I got the new machine, got too drunk to actually utilize it that night, planned on doing it the next night but realized I had to switch with a coworker (thanks, Ken) so as to do a live music trivia thing today, and then was at work for the rest of the time. That being an honest explanation for the lack of music here lets get down to the beeswax situated on their knees…

Void were one of the first bands to incorporate metal into their punk sound. The violence at their shows was a key factor in their

Punk as, well, I think, fuck.

split, unfortunately. Though on the now infamous Dischord label, they were one of the few that were not from DC, hailing from some shit town in Maryland, which, if my mental geography serves me right, is actually a suburb of DC. Whatever. East Coast is such a clusterfuck of proud people that I rarely give them props for doing anything right, albeit this.  Here is their sessions from 81-83…the full length has been red flagged from the singer, or something like that, for some dumbass reason.


The Men are a fairly new band that everyone has been freaking the fuck out about recently. While not freaking out I have been enjoying it immensely. Rebirth of punk? No. Interesting take on it? Yes. Listening to the expanse of what they are able to achieve makes one think that maybe they have been doing punk yoga for a little bit, if that exists. (Wink to Mahan Kapla.) Here they are at their peak, unless it gets better, live at WFMU, home to the best radio show, aptly titled The Best Show, and included free if you bought their new record, , recently. I thought I would just include the bonus stuff. Go and buy this shit. The money goes to good people.


The Dictators were from 1979 and were in the same school as Detroit’s MC5, Death, The Stooges, and maybe even Television (not from Detroit, like the other three…duh). This shit is rock, it is brutal, and it is snotty/bloody. (One of the founding members, Ross “The Boss” Friedman, became a founding member in the shitty metal band/weightlifting crew Manowar.) Although they still continue to play live to this day (with various members) this album, Bloodbrothers (1978) is fucking classic.


He has 99 problems but actually 99 of them are not one.

Any regular reader knows that I am pretty much clueless when it comes to rap/hip hop. I love Fear of a Black Planet but that is like an American liking melted cheese or fireworks. It is rare that I like anything in this genre but this album, the Black Album, is downright stunning. Jay-Z’s delivery, wordplay, and utter brilliance are something to be celebrated. This is the album a capella. Remix it with the Primus Brown Album if you feel like it. Just don’t tell me about that because I may get mad. If you haven’t yet watched any of them, check out Jay-Z on Charlie Rose. The banter and mutual respect is awe inspiring.


Now with the new machine I promise to be better. You should, too.

Long live the Fuck Fright.


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