Wednesday Surprise! Surprise! It’s Tuesday!

Wow, the Wednesday Surprises have really gone the way of the buffalo lately, huh? Well, to be fair, I have no help in posting these and sometimes things come up. And by ‘things coming up’ I mean stomach flu. Yep, yours truly, Chancellor Buckets, had it coming outta both ends. (Have you ever had clear … Continue reading

Wenesday Surise; Saturday Edition

How about that. I promise something and don’t follow through. Well, I have been busy doing things that I enjoy so I am not giving you a sincere apology. I plan on making it up to you with this music if you could just hold up for a goddamn second. In this last week I … Continue reading

This Sunday, Celebrate Beaster With the Ones You Love

This Sunday yours truly will be celebrating Easter by playing a bunch of music about the devil. In poor taste? Not if you’re one of my friends. I’m all about religious freedom and music is mine. It’s about time we all lightened up a bit. The Charleston. Chicago. Sunday. 4/8/2012 10pm. Pants optional.