SURPRISE! No Wednesday Surprise!

If I didn't know who she was she would scare the fuck out of me.

Sorry, folks. There is no awesome album download today.

The good news…I will be getting my paws on a new machine that will allow me to upload music easier and faster. (This current one has no working CD player.)

In the meantime I want to share with you a few videos of one of my favorite singer/songwriters, Dory Previn. I have talked about her multiple times, I know, but it was today that I found out she has passed away. Actually, it was over a month ago on Valentines day (I never said I kept up with the news, geez.). Her crazy, unfortunate life is one for the books (read her autobiography, “Midnight Baby”) and her silky voice, bizarre/poetic lyrics, and pure talent will live on (you can usually find her records pretty cheap).

RIP, Dory. You crazy, afroed peach.

(WordPress will not let me post video so here are the links.)

Mythical Kings and Iguanas.

Listen. (Let’s hear it for atheism!)

Mary C. Brown & the Hollywood Sign. (Based on Peg Entwistle.)

Live. (Not the best audio but get off my back.)



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