Wednesday Surprise

So when it comes to music I have figured out that drums, or more broadly, rhythm, is

Gigantic, untouchable, and ever moving. Like a thunderstorm.

my favorite part of it. Having just finished the wonderful biography of Led Zeppelin, “When Giants Walked the Earth“, I learned that not only was Bonham a badass, and my favorite drummer, second being Dave Grohl, but he was quite the personality. “Four Sticks” was titled that because after coming back from the bar he laid down the drum track with two sticks in each hand. Jimmy Page would hide his second bass drum from him because he got so wild that Page would lose the rhythm. Plant would tease him and once gave him a banana after one of his “Moby Dick” drum solos and said, “You may be hungry, King Kong.” When he died the coroner measured roughly “40 drams” (British for shots) of vodka in him. That doesn’t include the beer.

I got smirked upon for talking about diarrhea at my grandfather's funeral (I did the eulogy)...these beautiful people dance. I would've really been in trouble.

What was overlooked, however, was that Bonzo, as he was so lovingly called, was quite the family man. Sure, he stuck a Red Snapper and a Mud Shark into a girl’s orifices during his stay at a Seattle hotel (the drummer for Vanilla Fudge has the film to prove it), but he would drink himself to oblivion simply because he hated being away from home. During Plant’s recuperation from a car accident, Bonzo was the only one that came around and tried to keep him in good spirits. “Gentle Giant” seems to be more appropriate.

Well, here you have a collection of Bonham’s outtakes. There are some weird stops and some short segments but, shit, get off my back. I could listen to his bass pedal squeak all day.


Staying in the spirit of rhythm here is a collection of funeral drums from Ghana. Yes, it is the home of wonderful chocolate, but, as it turns out, those fuckers really know how to make a funeral a little more tolerable. I recommend falling asleep to this.



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