Wednesday Surprise

Mmmmmmm, that feeling of being nestled into a new place…new car smell for the soul. Coming home from work and not worrying about my personal safety, that’s where happiness lies. Trust me.

Full of little Red Rockers and cheetos.

For the second week in a row I have to do an RIP post, but this one is with less a heavy heart. Ronnie Montrose, godhead of the 70s boogie band Montrose, passed away this last week and no one seemed to give a shit. Why? I think it is because he also gave the young, still driving 55, Sammy Hagar his first job (and first of two gigs for bands named after the guitarists…weird). While that is nearly unforgivable, it should be noted that Montrose were much better than Van Hagar. Here is their self-titled debut perfect for Camaros and getting teen pregnant. (Speaking of teen pregnancy, Van Halen’s new one is really good. I’m as surprised as you.)


Sorry, just can't get over why one would kick out the Roth for Haggard.

Now for the album that I meant to give you. The Secret Syde were the perfect amalgamation of punk and 80s psyche. On their debut, available below, you can find punchy bass lines, drinking ballads (“Versailles”, which reminds me of the Pogues without being so useless and annoying), and true thumpers (“A Hole Where a Pocket Should Be”). They tried to reform about 100 times but because all of them seem to be prima donnas it never actually happened, save for one show in their home state of New Jersey, which explains a lot. So does this quote from drummer Rob Angello:

“I said, ‘Go Fuck yourself, last time we did this you flaked out on us after three weeks of rehearsal.’ He assured me that he would behave, so how could I say no? It’s just like the old days except we stop to take Geritol and oxygen breaks. Steve doesn’t have to leave rehearsal as frequently to urinate anymore, but Jon did have an erection that lasted through out our four-hour rehearsal, I can tell he’s really excited about the band this time around.”




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