Surprise! No Wednesday Surprise!

Astute and cute, a younger and more living Davy Jones.

As I wrote last week, there will not be a Wednesday Surprise this week due to the fact that I am busy unpacking and the like. While the physical relocation is complete (and tiresome, of course. While helping me with my record collection yet again, Johnny perfectly put it, “Man…you need to get a new hobby. Maybe you should work in a cotton candy factory.”) I am now working on the unpacking part and have not had time to dig up a new album for you to enjoy. Fear not…

…if you missed it last time around, here is a collection of demos Harry Nilsson wrote and recorded for the Monkees. I am posting this in loving memory of Davy Jones who passed away. RIP you lovable goofball.


I shall return next week, if not before, for more nerdy fun.

In the meantime you could also check out a few other great music blogs like Creep Scanner (for more outsider stuff) or Cosmic Hearse (for lots of heavy-devy shit and a great selection of jazz).


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