Wednesday Surprise

The term “guilty pleasure” has never set well with me as pleasures cannot truly induce guilt. Unless it involves illegal activities and/or a man of the cloth giving special treatment to an unwilling party, but that’s their problem. However for the sake of clarity these two albums could easily be classified as such whether or not I agree.

Godley & Creme have become a favorite of mine in the last few months not only for

(l-r) Lol Creme and Kevin Godley and the Gizmo. "This is gonna not make us so much money."

their catchy tunes but also their experimentation, middle finger to what was expected of them in the group 10cc, and their unabashed (Lol’s, anyway) love for their debut triple solo LP, Consequences.

Having started writing songs mainly to show off their new device, the Gizmo (which is a little device placed over the bridge of a guitar to facilitate it to exude endless sustain and, therefore, able, with production tricks, to emulate violins, saxophones, or whatever else their British heads could come up with) and, after many sessions, realized that this shit was just too weird for 10cc. Their solution? Quit the band and dive in head first into Consequences.

Lol Creme on the project: “Regardless of the finished product we just didn’t want it to stop. The result is a weird mix of sheer brilliance and utter shit. I could be wrong. It may be all brilliant or all shit or even all brilliant shit. Either way it fried our/my brains for a while and is impossible to be objective about.”

Featuring one drunk Peter Cook and the vocal stylings of jazz great Sarah VaughanConsequences was a commercial flop, unsurprisingly, and remains to this day a cult favorite.

There were two other versions released, Musical Excerpts From Consequences (1977) and Music From Consequences (1979), the difference of which I don’t know. What is available here is the complete 3LP set with all of the dialogue, skits, sound collages, etc. If you run across the box set in a store definitely pick it up as it also comes with a 20 page book with writings, sketches, and paintings that are unsettingly beautiful.

A small sampling of the booklet.


This EP by the mysterious band Wet Picnic (the members are from Argentina but formed Wet Picnic in LA) fell into my hands at work. (I am sure it is referencing something dirty, I could only think of this song.) The art of the cheap bin finds. With the title Balls Up I couldn’t pass it up. Upon throwing it on the turntable all I could think was, “Living shit, this guy sounds exactly like Billy Joel fronting a band that is in college and really trying to be post-punk but just sound like kind of jaded pop.” I want to start a rumor that this is actually Billy Joel under a different moniker to try to make it in the youth market after being labeled a complete dad rocker. Help me, will you?

I assume there are only two members who are not named on the album but displayed in cut up photos. There is also a short note from the president of Unicorn Records simply stating, “Salute to Wet Picnic for standing up against the conventional attitude of the music industry and not compromising their music, almost to the point of breaking up their band. With Love, Daphna D. Edwards.”


NOTE: There will not be a Wednesday Surprise next week as I will be moving. I will make it up to you the week after by not mentioning Billy Joel and filling your ear holes with more music I find wonderful and others find iffy at best.


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