Wednesday Surprise: Country & Western Edition

Longtime readers and friends will be surprised by this, maybe as much as myself. A

These are cutters, not those depressed fools who don't get actual tattoos.

wonderful thing about working in a record shop and surrounding myself with music nerds is being turned on to something that I may have never otherwise encountered. Now I grew up in southern Indiana in a very rural part outside of Bedford (limestone capital of the world…hence the nickname we carry proudly, Cutters). We had no close neighbors (the only visible house burned down when I was about 10 or 11, I think) and there was a time where I even tended cattle. Never did I get into country music, though. When I thought of country back then I coupled it with the asshole rednecks that went to my school…dumb as all hell, racist…you get the gist.

Chris Gaines. The voice of a nonexistent generation.

Time travel to now and I find myself thoroughly enjoying a wide range of music, true country included. Now most of the aforementioned pricks were into Clint Black, Garth Brooks (Chris Gaines’s alter-ego), and the like. Pop country…the country equivalent to…well, I don’t know…the shit radio pop covering today’s youth with lackluster gravy. Enter Loretta Lynn.

Now I’ve heard the name before but paid no mind. I have been missing out. Not only does she have an amazing voice but her tough demeanor (ingrained over time by marrying at 14 and staying with a man who cheated and beat her…to which she responded, “There wasn’t a time that he hit me that I didn’t hit him twice.”) and songwriting skills made her into the country superstar we all know today. Self-

The sexiest part of this you can't even see. Steel backbone.

taught and (if you ask me) sexy as all hell, she was also known as one of the few country artists into the women’s lib movement (hence this album that I’ve chosen for you to enjoy), anti-war movement, and proponent of such issues as birth control and racial equality. That’s quite a journey for a coal miner’s daughter from Kentucky. (FUN FACT ALERT: her sister is heavy-maned country singer Crystal Gayle.) If I had a daughter I would force her to read the autobiography and give her permission to fight anyone she pleased. Weak women are boring and ugly on the inside…who wants that? Oh, right. Redneck pricks.


From badass woman to badass dude, in walks David Allan Coe. Outlaw. The man with no name personified. Being incarcerated for much of his  early life, he met Screamin’ Jay Hawkins in prison who encouraged him to start writing songs. My feeble words cannot describe this man

Fuck with him. I really want to see it.

well enough but a few things one should know:

  • After the IRS seized his house in Florida he returned to Tennessee and lived in a fucking cave. Yes. He. Lived. In. A. Cave.
  • He wrote “Take This Job and Shove It”, not Johnny Paycheck. Nor the Dead Kennedys.
  • The song “Nigger Fucker” was deemed racist to which he responded, “My African American drummer helped me write it. Anyone that listens to this and accuses me of racism is full of shit.”

Bask in the warm glow of this badass to defeat all badasses. Did I mention that he lived in a cave?


One Response to “Wednesday Surprise: Country & Western Edition”
  1. Austin says:

    I maintain to this day that the best show I’ve ever seen was Dolly Parton.

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