Wednesday Surprise

This week’s Wednesday surprise is a double-header. Why? Because I rule.

Nektar was an English prog rock band that started in Germany in 1969 and got their shit together quick enough to release their debut, Journey to the Centre of the Eye, on Bacillus in 1972. Both sweeping and stoner, the multitude of sounds herein recall both Pink Floyd in their Ummagumma and UFO in their still-badass Space Metal years. Plenty of drone to zone and riffs to, er, rock out to?


Those that do not know me well probably do no know that I was banned from listening to secular (non-Christian, for those unaware) music growing up. While I did get my hands on some music, I spent a lot of time researching and digging up Christian music that was tolerable, or (gasp!) even good. A friend in high school turned me onto the Swirling Eddies, most notably their amazing 1989 album, Outdoor Elvis. While that album is very rare and hard to track down (everything online is incomplete) I instead went with their follow-up, 1994’s Zoom Daddy. Mid-nineties psychedelic with Terry Taylor’s signature nasal-y vocals made me fall in love with this record. Known for their outlandish personalities and no-bullshit approach to Christian music (rumors of pot smoking and playing Christian festivals in drag) drew me to them even more. Terry Taylor was no new kid when it came to music, fronting Daniel Amos in the 70s (and all up through the nineties, and possibly longer), DA (in the 80s), Lost Dogs (90s), and currently composing scores for video games, his genius is overlooked, most likely because of his beliefs, though they are far from traditional from any way you look at it. CAUTION: Everyone I have played this album for has hated it. Obviously that doesn’t bother me…I just thought I would throw this up here in the hopes that someone may like it and benefit from hearing something completely new.



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