A Thousand Apologies

As you may, or may not, have noticed there have been no updates and no free downloads over the last few weeks. The reason for this is simply that during the stormy season here in Chicago everything has been thrown terribly out of whack. The internet, which is shared with the kind neighbors in our … Continue reading

Wednesday Surprise

This week’s Wednesday surprise is a double-header. Why? Because I rule. Nektar was an English prog rock band that started in Germany in 1969 and got their shit together quick enough to release their debut, Journey to the Centre of the Eye, on Bacillus in 1972. Both sweeping and stoner, the multitude of sounds herein … Continue reading

Wednesday Surprise

This week brings you the overlooked synth-y pop stylings of London’s New Muzik. This is their first full length, titled From A to B (1980) and it was recorded before they even had a contract to release it. You see, the vocalist, Tony Mansfield, was a session musician in a studio and New Muzik would … Continue reading

Free Download: Grating Hits 7

The latest in cornucopias of fantastic music, Grating Hits 7 has a few long ones but I think we’re all mature enough to deal. Some pop, some psych, some spoken word (I was as surprised as you, but just give Iceberg Slim a chance), some metal, and some Billy Joel (from Wiki: “The lyrics of … Continue reading