Wednesday Surprise

Do you like Can? Well here is Irmin Schmidt, Michael Karoli, Holger Czukay and Jaki Liebezeit (with flautist/tape operator David Johnson) before Can was formed. This was an actual soundtrack and the “Can-Schall” is the melted cheese making it hot and memorable for days on end (due to a numb mouth/brain). As Weed Temple said it is more Amon Duul that Amon Duul II, if that makes sense. (It should if you follow the links.)

This is from 1968, the same year that Can formed, so they are almost there as you can hear. There is enough magic to go around, though, so don your caps and capes and not only look at the smoking potion of the cover art but ingest the liquid into your soul. If you have one.



As an extra thanks here is a three song EP, and first release, from Switzerland’s Grauzone . Pure kraut loveliness from 1981 complete with out-of-tune vocals and abrasive sneezes. While that sounds bad on paper it is as if water felt good in (and was good for) the ears. (Thanks to Jobe for bringing this to my attention.)



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