Wednesday Surprise

In the second installment of Wednesday Surprise I give to you the gift of schedule and promise.

Here we have Stray’s first, self-titled album. People say that Zeppelin changed the world…and I agree. And then the world (at least in the UK, as far as this is concerned) reaped the benefits. While not a blatant ripoff, Stray must’ve caught someone off guard. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill drug-influenced boogie, mind you. This is other-echelon-drug-influenced boogie. Listen to “Only What You Make It” and try not to drive off of a bridge – not to die but to fly. Every song is a gem, every one a blister in your everyday workday. (Remember when I rocked?)

So Stray went on to record album after album but it was here that “youth” and not “$” was in their precious, little heads.

Celebrate it. Play it at your next blow-up pool party. Play it at work and strut like the shock absorbing motherfucker you are.

Here. (It is an expanded edition. Relish in the fact that you never started that band in ’70. You would’ve looked embarrassed next to them.)

(All downloads will be taken down at the request of anyone associated that is pissed that it is here.)


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