Wednesday Surprise

Wednesday Surprise.

Every Wednesday from now until the world ends on October 21st…oh, wait, he had a stroke?…where was I? Oh, every Wednesday I will offer up a free download of an album I feel should be spread around the world. High quality and all that jazz. These will be out of print and of the older variety so as to not get in trouble from the big wigs, wherever they are. Let’s do this.

So the conspiracy theorists insisted that Klaatu was actually the Beatles performing under a ridiculous name. Klaatu, having nothing to do with the rumor, used it as a marketing tool by never putting their actual names on the albums (that is until their later ones…maybe after the allure was gone?). You guessed it, it’s a concept record…in short, it is about how the human race are assholes and aliens rule. What more do you need? Horns? They’re in there so don’t worry. This is cheesy, psych-y, and pure magic. Hold it in your e-hands and watch it blossom.



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