Bruce Haack Ressurected!

While scouring the internet I came across this article. Anyone that knows a smidgen about electronic knows about the master and forefather, Bruce Haack. (If not, learn up.) The story behind this album is fantastic:


Released in 1970 on Columbia records Electric lucifer is the first part of an unfinished trilogy by electronic music pioneer Bruce Haack.

The trilogy tells the story of earth as it becomes caught up in the ancient and epic battle between heaven and hell, the darkness and the light.

I.F.O. (identified flying object) the third and final album in the series was recorded in just over a few days between christmas and new years day 1969/70. It was never released.

A chance meeting in 2006 between Bruce’s friend/manager and collaborator Chris Kachulis and DF Tram (from the sound capsule) led to numerous conversations about Haack, his influence upon modern electronic music and in particular the unfinished Electric Lucifer trilogy. Sensing the kinship between the two musicians Chris asked DF Tram if he would be interested in listening to the demo versions of Electric Lucifer Book 3 I.F.O.

Eventually Chris gave DF Tram full access to the demos encouraging him to work with the raw material and reinterpret the album as he saw fit . And so, thanks to the faithful guardianship of Chris Kachulis and the dedication of DF Tram and the sound capsule the final album in Bruce Haacks Electric Lucifer trilogy is complete.

I contacted DF Tram and he was not only kind enough to share a few tracks off of the album but also mail me a copy. It is artists like him that both keep the past alive but also celebrate it in a way that both educates and entertains.

Order the cd here.

Download “Country Soul” and “When A Man Becomes Electric” here.

Thanks again to DF Tram for doing this and sharing this. If you live in the SF Bay area check him out and buy him a drink for me.


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