Wednesday Surprise

Do you like Can? Well here is Irmin Schmidt, Michael Karoli, Holger Czukay and Jaki Liebezeit (with flautist/tape operator David Johnson) before Can was formed. This was an actual soundtrack and the “Can-Schall” is the melted cheese making it hot and memorable for days on end (due to a numb mouth/brain). As Weed Temple said … Continue reading

Insert Joke About Taking Back the Night Here

Last minute. Lasting Memories. Oh, and buy me a drink. Amen. Oh, and it is this Saturday. The 25th of June in the year of someone’s lord 2011.

Wednesday Surprise

In the second installment of Wednesday Surprise I give to you the gift of schedule and promise. Here we have Stray’s first, self-titled album. People say that Zeppelin changed the world…and I agree. And then the world (at least in the UK, as far as this is concerned) reaped the benefits. While not a blatant … Continue reading

This Is The Thing That All Bloggers Say…

…when shit just gets busy. SORRY FOR THE LACK OF POSTS LATELY. Now, I know it has been less than a week. Six days to be exact. Things have been really hectic…fuck that, I do way better than 90% of the blogs out there. No apologies. I am readying the album for download tomorrow and … Continue reading

Wednesday Surprise

Wednesday Surprise. Every Wednesday from now until the world ends on October 21st…oh, wait, he had a stroke?…where was I? Oh, every Wednesday I will offer up a free download of an album I feel should be spread around the world. High quality and all that jazz. These will be out of print and of … Continue reading

Reminder for Chicago Readers: The Night Can Always be Taken Back Again


One of These Things is…Yeah, Exactly Like the Other

Niel Peart wanking. “Jens Hannemann” celebrating the wanking with comedy.

Bruce Haack Ressurected!

While scouring the internet I came across this article. Anyone that knows a smidgen about electronic knows about the master and forefather, Bruce Haack. (If not, learn up.) The story behind this album is fantastic: (From Released in 1970 on Columbia records Electric lucifer is the first part of an unfinished trilogy by electronic … Continue reading

Comfort is Walking Boredom.

So much recently has been about the music that I have completely neglected a celebration of my current life. As one can surmise I am not only immersed in music, I am drowning in it. If it is possible for an auraphibian (one that can breathe both in a music conversation and one about everyday … Continue reading