Free Download: Grating Hits 6

Time for more free music. No theme here, simply things I’ve been digging lately. Some happy and some downright violent. Let’s swim in the warmth by hiding in the cool depths.

Also it was time to do some design changes. Gone is the “Hitz,” and home is the “Hits.” Why? Shit with uneeded ‘Z’s is not for me. (In actuality I was semi-unaware of it’s ridiculous presence in the modern txt omg language…and for this I apologize. I simply like ‘Z’s because they resemble lightning.)


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  1. […] Grating Hits 7 is also in the works. You know what else? A feature article for Uneasy Listening about the staying power of a really important 90s album. Now if the remaining jagbags would just answer this serf’s pleads for an interview it would make it much easier. […]

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