Free Download: Grating Hits 6

Time for more free music. No theme here, simply things I’ve been digging lately. Some happy and some downright violent. Let’s swim in the warmth by hiding in the cool depths. Also it was time to do some design changes. Gone is the “Hitz,” and home is the “Hits.” Why? Shit with uneeded ‘Z’s is … Continue reading

Free Download: The Best Phone Conversation You’ve Ever Heard

Have you seen Heavy Metal Parking Lot? If not you are not complete. If so you will understand this recorded conversation. Whether or not it is real or not I have no concern. It truly has everything: Cursing Praise of such bands as Mercyful Fate, Deicide, Celtic Frost, among many others. Violent threats about money. … Continue reading

Free Download: Fugazi – In On The Kill Taker (Steve Albini Session)

You know In on the Kill Taker. Great, right? Albini recorded it as well but the Fugazis decided to stick with their usual studio at Inner Ear in DC. Dig it. Yup. Oh, it’s here.

And Then This One Week in June…

…I will be DJing twice with the best music partner around, Jobe. Where I fall apart in the annals of music history and taste she picks up and runs further than imaginable. I just follow. Come out and drink with us, debate with us, attempt requests to only have them denied, and leave with a … Continue reading

Are the Hipster Black Metallers Running Out of Ideas?

Released 5/10/11 Released 9/11/01 So, Liturgy running out of ideas? Or are they simply not aware of the Slayer catalogue? Either way one thing remains true…only one of these records is worth listening to. You guessed it.

The Future is Near

Another Dj night and another night with fellow taste-maker Lauren Jobe. Sure, the line for the Whistler may be daunting but the payoff is well worth it. Jobe and I have similar tastes in music but varying collections. The combination is fun as hell for both us and the dancing drinkers.

Read My Published Work, Heathen.

Here is an interview I conducted with none other than Varg Vikernes of Burzum fame. This is a new online periodical entitled Uneasy Listening that is sure to be a force in the upcoming years. I am proud to be a part of it.