Free Download: Grating Hitz Five

I know, I know. You may still be processing the mayhem of GHFour but I just couldn’t help myself. The IDEA of summer is just so alluring (we, in Chicago, had snow just a few days ago) that I thought it would be pertinent to make a nighttime, wind down mix. I’m sure you can deal.

With the wind now a welcome friend there is nothing like the street lamps and nighttime hullabaloo keeping the eyes busy. It is during this time that one thinks about life, decisions, past, future, stars, situations, and relationships. Or maybe just pussy and dick. I don’t know and don’t want to. This, however, is the perfect soundtrack to said walk. At least as far as I’m concerned.Get a splitter and share it with your significant other or enjoy the solace that the Walkman intended 30+ years ago.

Free for the taking, as always. Spread the word.

Spark one and take a sip from your chosen liquid. Forget about tomorrow. It ain’t here. In fact, none of us really are.

(A few of these songs I chose simply for A squared. Thank you.)



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