Where the Secrets Lie

Just a picture of what was probably the coolest fight ever.

In my frustration and having not been able to write the short story I have in my head I have been scouring the webz at my usual stops for the magics and the unfindables. Those of you who download my mixes (thank you) may wonder where all this hubbub comes from. Well, as you may or may not know I work in a record store so, well, that is pretty self-explanatory. However us nerds don’t know everything (gasp!) and so we have to outsource our conversations into the webosphere and see what the nerds elsewhere are partaking in.

Here are a few favorites of mine. (As you may notice I no longer have a links bar. I just didn’t like how it looked.)

Creep Scanner – Excellent blog complete with links to download entire records. Now these are releases that are long out of print or just really hard to find. Like a good chap, Jerry Orbach has the occasional new release but does not leak anything that would lose money for the artists themselves. His short, direct, and oftentimes hilarious essays peek into his life and couple it with the spotlighted release. This is my #1.

I Don’t Care About Sleep – Lots of fantastic jazz, soul, and hip hop/rap (which I still don’t really get into much save for a few artists) are the snacks here. I believe Kojak is the author here and while his ruminations on his links are informative I don’t spend a lot of time due to sporadic updates and the amount of aforementioned hip hop/rap. Worth checking, though, if you’ve never been, as scouring his history reveals some magic nuggets.

Cosmic Hearse – This guy, Aesop, just rules. His knowledge of ye olde days of metal/punk/wtf is awe-inspiring. A simple perusal of his website will double your musical-knowledge-holier-than-thou status to atmospheric levels. That is if you can remember the nuggets of info, which I can’t seem to do. Cosmic Hearse isn’t updated in certain times…like when he is touring with the likes of Agalloch (again, cooler than me and you and the Fonz in a blender).

Welcome to the Masquerade – If you are one of the (un)lucky few who grew up listening to christian extreme music (industrial, death metal, etc.) you know it is impossible to find. Well, there’s this place with its gigantic database of demo tapes, proper releases, and other ephemera that’ll take you back to when you sat in your room and listened to these bands alone in your room. Why alone? Because there wasn’t a single person that you knew who wanted to come over and listen to Circle of Dust or Betrayal.

Metal Music Blog – An apt name if there ever was one. This is a gigantic collection of mostly European extreme bands that are hard to pronounce and scary as the dickens to listen to. Oh, and his old page is still up here to fill your iPod with even more hate than you could even imagine.

One Step Beyond Radio – This is my old buddy Jeremiah who hosts a weekly radio show and also a weekly podcast (available for free) that is always wonderful to listen to. He covers everything and will talk your ear off about the most hilarious stories. My favorite is pissing off the cashier at the grocery store.


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