Nightlife is the Right Life

If you live in or around Chicago, come out this Saturday night to the Whistler. Myself and friend, Lauren, will be spinning good music. And you finally have that opportunity to buy me a drink. Advertisements

Free Download: Grating Hitz Five

I know, I know. You may still be processing the mayhem of GHFour but I just couldn’t help myself. The IDEA of summer is just so alluring (we, in Chicago, had snow just a few days ago) that I thought it would be pertinent to make a nighttime, wind down mix. I’m sure you can … Continue reading

Free Download: Grating Hitz Four

With the sunshine of summer looming (at least here in Chicago), here is the the soundtrack to your poolside shenanigans. Your excuse to be late to work. Your reason to fist pump as soon as the eyes meet the warm morning sun. Fuck winter and fuck bundling: this is for the skin and this is … Continue reading

Where the Secrets Lie

In my frustration and having not been able to write the short story I have in my head I have been scouring the webz at my usual stops for the magics and the unfindables. Those of you who download my mixes (thank you) may wonder where all this hubbub comes from. Well, as you may … Continue reading