Free Download: Spring Cleansing

My intention was to center this around love songs. Happy love songs to celebrate the incoming Spring. After realizing that I had very few happy ones suitable for the mix, I decided upon songs that merely focused on love in general, whether it be positive or negative.

After all, love is relative. Think about it.



1. “I’m The Coolest” – Alice Cooper

2. “Love Song” – Syd Barrett

3. “I Don’t Belong To Anyone” – Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy

4. “The L Word” – Pissed Jeans

5. “Lady Luck” – Richard Swift

6. “Program Me” – Bruce Haack

7. “Don’t Shake Me And Call Me Lover” – Even Homer Nods

8. “The Ballad Of Red Buckets” – Yo La Tengo

9. “Hey Joe (You Shot Your Woman Down)” – Tim Rose

10. “Baby Emma” – Scout Niblett

11. “When No One Calls (Easy Come, Easy Come Album Version) – Starlyer 59

12. “Only Love Can Break Your Heart” – Neil Young

13. “Claws Tracking” – Spoon

14. “Message of Love” – Jimi Hendrix

15. “Twin Falls” – Built to Spill

16. “Coney Island Baby” – Tom Waits

17. “Desire” – U2

18. “Crucified Woman” – Riz Ortolani

19. “Walls (Circuis)” – Tom Petty

20. “Hold Her Tight” – The Osmonds

21. “The First Part” – Superchunk

22. “Steal Tomorrow” – The Tallest Man On Earth

23. “An American Trilogy” – Mickey Newbury

24. “Love Is Stronger Than Withcraft” – Robert Pollard

25. “You Keep Hanging Up On My Mind” – Wendy & Bonnie

26. “Love Buzz” – The Shocking Blue

27. “Morning Music” – Rose Kemp


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