Free Download: Grating Hitz Three

Here is a taste of warm weather and exposed garbage lining the sidewalks. Here is new love and shameful walks. Here is goddamn freedom courtesy of the sun and stars. Who would’ve thought that France Gall and Danzig would get along so well? Boom.   Advertisements

Free Download: Spring Cleansing

My intention was to center this around love songs. Happy love songs to celebrate the incoming Spring. After realizing that I had very few happy ones suitable for the mix, I decided upon songs that merely focused on love in general, whether it be positive or negative. After all, love is relative. Think about it. … Continue reading

Free Download: Harry Nilsson’s Monkees Demos

These tracks were given to me by a coworker upon his hearing that I was a big Nilsson fan. Included is a raw version of “Cuddly Toy”, the one that (obviously) the Monkees chose. Don’t stop there, though. There are some real precious moments here that aren’t sold in Hallmark. Bonus! This is Harry’s voice … Continue reading

Take Back the Night