Free Download: Metal From the North

This is a mix I made for a dear friend in Texas and thought that I would also share it with you, dear readers.

Download it HERE.


1. “Adversaries Mask” – Unearthly Trance

2. “Reaping Death” – Watain

3. “Bloodsucking Sorcery” – Claws

4. “Dead All Things Will Be (Part I)” – Unlight

5. “Metal Movie Marijuana Massacre Meltdown” – Acid Witch

6. “Casket Chasers” – Cathedral

7. “Like an Earthquake” – Dawnbringer

8. “Shatter” – Triptykon

9. “Give In To Live” – Wildildlife

10. “Crusader” – Sweet Cobra

11. “Hex Breaker” – Taint

12. “Opus Sadicum” – Ancestor

13. “The Children of Heaven” – Haystacks Balboa

14. “No Life King” – Black Pyramid

15. “Love is the Devil (And I Am in Love)” – Solstafir

16. “8,000 Years” – Twilight


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