Perusing 45s at a Snail’s Pace

My mother gave me her record collection years ago and it has traversed across this country multiple times. It is always a grand olde time to peruse the kick ass cuts. After cleaning and organizing for a while I find myself too lazy to convert these little gems to mp3, etc. So enjoy youtube audio … Continue reading

Free Download: Oh, I Do

A friend asked me to help her out with some musical selections for a wedding she has to dj. As it was a rather vanilla party I dug deep and came up with these selections, friendly to kids and elderly alike. The best part is that they are all great songs so everybody wins. The … Continue reading

Free Download: Grating Hitz Two

In celebration of the mental disease that affects almost everyone in this blessed city, Seasonally Affective Disorder (S.A.D.), I have constructed this mix for those of us stuck in the seemingly endless winter. The download link is below and you can be rest assured that it is organized much better for downloading (in .zip form) … Continue reading

Making Love to the World: the Chode School Interview With Will Oldham

For the latest Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy release (w/the Cairo Gang), Island Brothers b/w New Wonder, Will Oldham decided against doing interviews with popular music publications and settled on a few personal blogs, Chode School included. Before we delve into the conversation let me just share that Mr. Oldham has always been a favorite of mine. … Continue reading

A Few Things and Then I’ll Leave you Be

I am in the process of adding my entire record collection to the online database at If you are on there, find me at misterbuckets and let’s be friends and share pictures of naked records. Aural sex. But more importantly I will be interviewing a very special person on Wednesday and transcribing the entire … Continue reading

Free Download: Grating Hitz

This is the non-metal mix for the same dear friend as the prior post. Enjoy. Download it HERE. Tracklist: 1. “O God Protect Me” – Ben Frost 2. “Il Seme Del Rap (Prisencolinen…)” – Adriano Celentano 3. “Illusion 1” – Witthuser & Westrupp 4. “Don’t Grow” – Mannequin Men 5. “Sam Kinison Woman” – Pissed … Continue reading

Free Download: Metal From the North

This is a mix I made for a dear friend in Texas and thought that I would also share it with you, dear readers. Download it HERE. Tracklist: 1. “Adversaries Mask” – Unearthly Trance 2. “Reaping Death” – Watain 3. “Bloodsucking Sorcery” – Claws 4. “Dead All Things Will Be (Part I)” – Unlight 5. … Continue reading