Free Download of The Nods Unreleased Full Length

For those that are unaware, I spent the better part of my twenties playing with some of the most interesting, exciting, and generally weird individuals in a band called Even Homer Nods, later shortened to the Nods. We shared the stage with many good bands, most notably Yo La Tengo, Dead Meadow, and Faun Fables, to name drop a few. What I have for you here is our full-length that was never released (we broke up before it could happen…long story involving fire, mountains, hitchhiking, and copious amounts of beer. No joke.) so download and enjoy the fruits of labor from, in my opinion, a terribly overlooked band. Yes, it might be because I was in it.

Vocals/Guitar: Patrick Bower (The World Without Magic, solo)

Bass/Percussion: Luc Rodgers

Moog/Xylophone/Percussion/Vocals: Sarah Ferguson

Keyboards: Robert Gowin

Drums/Percussion: Casey Tennis (Margot & the Nuclear So and Sos)

Engineer: Paul Mahern (Iggy Pop, John Mellencamp, Superchunk, ex-Zero Boy)

Produced by: The Nods and Paul Mahern

So, the never-named full length from the Nods:

Amazons in Cellaphane

Van Dyke Sing-a-Long

In a Sleeve

Tel Aviv

Your Guardian Terror

Heartsore and Dressing Up



Eulogy for the Living

None the Wiser, Worse for the Wear

Tales are Sweet

Amazons in Cellaphane (Muppets Remix)

One Response to “Free Download of The Nods Unreleased Full Length”
  1. Caseman says:

    Can’t figure out how to download it!!

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