I Have Listened to These Recently…

…and so as to make a change for 2009 have not used the same layout as the rest of my compacted reviews. No one cares about grades. One just wants to read about music, right?

So there has been few updates here and for that my dog apologizes. Well, she would if she had lips. Instead she shits on my bedroom floor and stays in bed all day as I work and slave at the multitude of things I have going on right now:

-Job (takes up most of my time as it should as it brings in the cash. And also I DO enjoy my job so it ain’t no thing)

-DJ gig(s) (maybe soon to be more as the kids are thirsty for a…metal DJ?)

-Writing (for things that are obviously not this site…you know where to go to check out the latest)

-Living (unbeknownst to most, I don’t spend every waking, non-working hour online. I do other things like walk, hang out with frineds, see shows, and do laundry)

So, here they are, my newly formatted latest listenings:

Artist: Napalm Death

Album: Scum

Format: LP

The obvious reasons for listening to Napalm Death’s Scum are evident:

  • They were the most furious being in 1987, where things like “blast beats” were not the nomenclature for headbangers and grave desecrators.
  • “You Suffer” is in the Guiness Book of World Records as the shortest song ever recorded. Yes, it is 0:01 and yes, I managed to spin it last week on my metal night. Somehow no one noticed.
  • They are still around, though with different members.

Quite a stretch for some, Scum embodies the excitement of what was to come in metal. An anarchist musical society where only emotions and feelings mandated what was written and played. Here is a collection of masterfully written, voraciously given tomes about everything under the sun delivered in such a package that is obvious as to what is being opened. Enter can of worms reference here.

Ladies and gentlemen, the birth of grindcore.

Artist: Cult of Luna

Album: Eternal Kingdom

Format: LP

Sweden’s Cult of Luna has always had at least one thing going for them: they play post-metal and are not, nor have anything to do with, Chicago. As I’ve stated many time over Pelican sucks. Russian Circles had something but just gave up. Isis (not from Chicago) are terrible. All the shootoffs are pretentious gnomes traveling the world and getting their pictures taken in far away places to seem like something they’re really important. I do not know them nor do I care to…I am merely assimilating in my head what it is about their music that annoys me so. And the term for it.


Sweden’s Cult of Luna fall into the poopst-metal genre, sure, but with it they have brought ideas, pure rage, TRUMPETS, and a name lamer than either of the aforementioned. No matter…the Cult is where to live and in this I will make my home. Instead of overshadowing incapabilities with time changes and repeats of the same part over and over, these guys realize what they are and that is sludge. I listen to them to walk, to think, to relish in the darkness.

I have not figured out why the Swedish darkness is so much more permeable than the stateside, but it’s there. Suck it.

Artist: Destroyer

Album: City of Daughters

Format: Mp3

As a longtime fan, I regret never delving into the early albums. I was so entranced by the present that the past was forgotten (remind you of a certain Presidency?) and I missed out on certain gems. “Queen of Languages” has now made my top ten driving songs of all time, not that I have a car. BUT JUST IMAGINE.

I now find myself taking breaks from the metal to wash my dishes and listen to Mr. Bejar travel on and on about things that he only knows about but tries so, so hard to convey it in a way that we simple humans can understand. Simple humans, us? Yeah. This guy’s a madman from the nether-region. Let’s go.

Artist: WOE

Album: A Spell for the Death of Man

Format: Mp3

Philly’s one-man WOE took me by surprise, I confess. I think “one-man black metal” and can only think of all of the failures. Most notably 90% of one-man American black metal bands. I don’t need to hear more mid-heavy noises pummeling my eardrums as XOTUDFHSD (false fake name) screams his anti-god/government/society rants. Who’s with me?

But WOE is not that. Sure, “Xon” (aka C. Grigg) is a one-man project but the sound is something entirely different from the rest. It is well-produced. Not just well-produced but sounds really, really damn good. Not just that, he is proficient on every instrument. Frost, meet Kerry King, now…YOU ARE ONE. Hailing from Philly, this WOE dude is something to really behold even in the non-metal world.

The anger, the wretched atmospehere, the dire outcome…everything is Xasthur…bleak. But he makes it sound so fucking good that it makes one want to die and be able to take this CD with them. What a dick…he found the secret.

(my real review will be here: http:www.yourfleshmag.com)

Artist: Book of Black Earth

Album: Horoskopus

Format: LP

Ah, the forgotten brethren of fellow Northwesterners Wolves in the Throne Room…not that they’re anything alike. BOBE have taken the same precious things of past as WITTR but mixed in death, black, and even doom metal to make a casserole of sheer gut-wrenching power. Talented, listenable, (dare I say) brutal, and smart, the guys (and, at one time, girl) in BOBE reach for the depths of destruction to pull this shit out.

Raw guitar, clear and expansive song ideas, and an unapproachable weight nestle them in the Most Overlooked category for years to some.

And for a last hurrah:

Watch this interview with e. (that guy) from Watain as he explains what, er, I guess everything’s about.


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