The Best of the Extent of My Short-Term Memory

I don’t know if all of these were released in 2008 because I don’t care.

Most Underrated Album

Scout Niblett, This Fool Can Die Now

Should Have Been Annoying but Turned Out Alright

The Cave Singers, Invitation Songs

Best Song From an Album That Has Only One Good Song

Goldfrapp, “Eat Yourself,” Seventh Tree

Best Album That Encompasses a Lifestyle Completely Foriegn to Me

Jens Lekman, Night Falls Over Kortedala

The Most Frighteningly Positive Album/Career

Danielson Famile

Coolest Hippie

Destroyer, aka Dan Bejar

Coolest Group of Hippies


Best Late 60s/Early 70s Rip-off Sound

Black Mountain, In the Future

Best Use of Bicycles

Bat for Lashes, “What’s a Girl to Do,” Fur and Gold

Band That I Most Want to See Beat Up But Still Like Their Music

Cloud Cult

Most Deservedly Talked About Reunion

Portishead, Third

The Darkest, Non-Metal Band

Those Poor Bastards

Best New Metal Subgenre

WWII Death Metal

Honorable Mention: Worst Music Video to Show Your Christian Parents

Flying Lotus, “Parisian Goldfish,” Los Angeles

The Most Anticipated Album of Late ’08/Early ’09

Medusa, En Raca Sul

Best Example of the British Outdoing The Americans at Their Own Game

Taint, “Drunken Marksmen,” The Ruin of Nova Roma

Most Disappointing Band That at One Time Had Everyone’s Attention

The Flaming Lips, At War With the Mystics

Most Exciting Band in Metal


Lifetime Achievement Award

Tom Waits


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