I’ve Listened, or Happened Upon, These Recently…

…after walking barefoot outside and then locking myself indoors for the duration of the sunshine as to bring you this unneeded installment of my discerning taste. Artist: Sunn O))) Album: Domkirke Format: LP Mercy me. One of the best ideas actually came to fruition and was captured on wax: doom-sayers Sunn O))) performing live in … Continue reading

I’ve Listened to These Recently…

…while attempting to teach my dog how to “wonder.” Artist: Fucked Up Album: The Chemistry of the Common Life Format: Mp3 With their last outing, Hidden World, Fucked Up (aka F***** Up, or just unnamed, in the mainstream press) asserted themselves as the new wave of hardcore punk. Now with The Chemistry of Common Life, … Continue reading

More Creepy Photos!

Doctor appointments are never fun…so spice up the day with this tidbit from Mister Buckets: “Find the nearest antique shop and hunt down some creepy antique photos and then laugh at them.” CHECK IT.

Oh, Wonderous Life

For those unaware, last summer was an eventful one if only for one reason: after spending the day at a street fair, a few close friends came over and we made the night merry again. The hour became late and all decided to retire save for myself and a young fellow by the name of … Continue reading