A Conversation and an Enviornment

70 degrees and sunny. Spotty clouds, the kind that evokes imagination and not the worry of finding shelter. Picnic tables, a large body of water, a surrounding metropolis, and the distant hum of the city and an attraction in our hearts. And a wonder on how we got there.

“What about 54 down?”

The crossword and the picnic table were the only things separating us. “True.”

“Oh, yes.”

Our plastic cups were chilly with wine, a fine white that had a twist off cap. My right leg wouldn’t stop shaking. It wasn’t a nervousness, it was an uncertainty. Two squirrels zig-zaged a nearby tree and I mentioned their trash-filled bellies. She didn’t answer and I watched a couple walking.

Here, in this park, at this time in history with the sun sitting exactly where it wants to, there is no sin. It’s merely two people coming together to indirectly question things. Like time travel. I know I was thinking it. Her? No clue. That poor decision I made that stuck me for a year and a half with an unmentionable. Hers that puts her where she is now…a place that I am unsure of her feelings towards. I would tell myself to bide my time but I have none. The right tools build the perfect foundation.

We ended the day with a handshake and her saying, “You’re good.” I looked down and smiled.


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