Recent Happenings, or a List of Shit That You Don’t Care About But Find Mildly Intriguing

1. Welcome to the 1800s: I bought a washing machine from Johnny. It is rocking my world in a way that only someone living in an apartment in the city can be rocked. I strung up some clotheslines on the back porch for obvious reasons when my neighbor, Louis, exclaimed, “What the hell are you … Continue reading

A Conversation and an Enviornment

70 degrees and sunny. Spotty clouds, the kind that evokes imagination and not the worry of finding shelter. Picnic tables, a large body of water, a surrounding metropolis, and the distant hum of the city and an attraction in our hearts. And a wonder on how we got there. “What about 54 down?” The crossword … Continue reading

It’s These Wonderous Mornings

I’m a person that enjoys schedules and planning. In the everyday life, I mean. When I have to be at work at 7:30am, for example, there are a few regiments: BUS -6:00am: Awake and walk the dog early enough to afford proper “sniffing time” for Emma so that she can get everything out of her … Continue reading