The Danger of Sleep, or Me Being Myself

As a child I had the funny habit of talking in my sleep. Bedmates have told me that it still happens. Of course I have no recollection of the nuggets of wisdom that I’ve shared in twilight. My sister, Annie, though, had the issue of sleepwalking, at least at an early age. That scenario has … Continue reading

Music Nerd Post, or My Sunday Sermon About the Importance of the Walkmen

One of the many benefits of being a music nerd, er, journalist is the sheer amount of music that passes through my home and ears. 69% of it is complete hogwash, 25% is passable but rarely warrants repeat listens. The remaining 6% becomes a staple in my healthy diet of clickity-clackity-chugga-chugga. It is this minimal … Continue reading

If You’re at Work and Having One of Those…

enjoy my mixtape of bleederz. Click on the song to hear it. The entire thing. You don’t have to buy the Mp3s. Duh. CAUTION: It’s all metal. Deal with it.

Oh, You City

So, last night I went to meet Johnny and his GF for some drinks. By the time I showed up (10:00pm) they were hammered. Just blasted. They left after about 30 min. and I stayed for a few beers and talked with Jackie, the bartender. I rode my bike home and happened upon a congregation … Continue reading