I’ve Listened to These Recently…

…the “locked-in-my-house-for-days” black metal edition.

Artist: Book of Black Earth
Album: The Feast
Format: LP

This has been sitting on my shelf for months and I just never slapped in on. Why? I have no idea. If I would’ve known it was music on the scope of Dimmu Borgir with a Leviathan sensibility, I would’ve been blasting it a while ago. It’s American (Seattle, WA), yes, but it has only been a matter of time before the red, white, and blue caught up with the…uh, other red, white, and blue. Dense and brutal, like my dog.

Artist: Nachtmystium
Album: Assasains: Black Meddle Part I
Format: MP3

I attended a wedding last weekend. There I met a fellow by the name of Luke who clued me in to these guys. He described them as black metal mixed with a Pink Floyd vibe. I have to confess, me likey an open, country road and a j and a copy of Dark Side of the Moon like every other American (that likes British music)…but.

But nothing. It works. I feel like an idiot…they’re from here, Chicago, and I’ve passed over them numerous times. No chance given. The blow was when I found out that they played with Watain (my top black metal pick of 2007) here…on my birthday. Fuck, I’m an asshole. I blame my ex-girlfriend.

UPDATE: At the moment I was writing this, and I mean the very seconds, Nachtmystium was playing a CD release show for this very album followed by an after party at the soon-to-be-legendary Kuma’s. This is merely proof of my own shortcomings as a human being. (To further pile on the irony, the aforementioned Luke works at said legendary Kuma’s.)

Artist: Leviathan
Album: Mass Conspiracy Against All Life
Format: LP

The darkness heard on previous forays (2003’s The Tenth Sublevel of Suicide and 2004’s Tentacles of Whorror) got the point across loud and clear…well, kind of clear. Our fellow, Leviathan, enjoys the whole “lo-fi” thing that the younguns are so into these days. It’s just that, for me, lo-fi doesn’t cut it.

I want power.

I want clarity.

I want the pure destruction that is Mass

It is not hi-fi by any means, but it is the most disturbing, poignant, and damaging I’ve heard him. Clear enough to shake in my boots, friend! Get it.


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