Fuck Off, Thanksgiving…Who Needs You, Pt. 2

Something else came to mind…

  • After swimming and convincing Jonathan that wearing running pants into a bar is nothing to worry about, we ventured into his his new apartment. “I’m never here. Seriously, it’s like 10 hours a week.” For being home such a small amount of time, the place seemed to be put together enough. “You know what the best part about living by yourself is?” “What?” “Peeing with the door open.” We smoked and talked and I felt the sudden urge to shit. “I gotta shit.” He just laughed and started searching for a pair of trousers to put over his running pants. I settled on a pee and asked, “You know what the best part of being in your friend’s apartment who lives by himself is?” “No, what?” “Peeing with HIS door open.”

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