I’ve Listened to These Recently…

…while pacing and questioning that three-pack deal from the corner store. Artist: Black Tusk Album: Passage Through Purgatory Format: LP Metal from the southland of the USA has its own agenda, its own brutality. What it is, I’m not sure, but goddamn it is scary as the dickens. Black Tusk hail from Savannah, GA, and … Continue reading

Just Be Yourself; A Lesson From Ali Gator

If you happen upon a copy of Garbage Pail Kids the Movie, by all means watch it. If for anything, the scene where each character introduces themselves, and subsequently their “gifts”, is a gem. Foul Phil sums up his life thus far with a emptying, but somehow laughable, line, “Are you my daddy?” “Not in … Continue reading

Why Can’t Jim Own Canadians?

An open letter to Dr. Laura Schlessinger from Jim at the Utah Humanist. Dear Dr. Laura: Thank you for doing so much to educate people regarding God’s Law. I have learned a great deal from your show, and try to share that knowledge with as many people as I can. When someone tries to defend … Continue reading

Some of My New Favorites

Heavens… Flickr Color Selectr – Search for Flickr photos by color. Contestants and Champions – Check out the competition before entering the World Beard and Mustache Championships. How to Camouflage an Entire Airplane Factory – It was done, very well I might add, in WWII. Drinks Mixer – Searchable database of booze. The Brick Testament … Continue reading

King Diamond Interview

Here is the full audio of the phone interview I did with King Diamond for Your Flesh magazine. Enjoy. Listen to it here: King Diamond Interview

Fuck Off, Thanksgiving…Who Needs You, Pt. 2

Something else came to mind… After swimming and convincing Jonathan that wearing running pants into a bar is nothing to worry about, we ventured into his his new apartment. “I’m never here. Seriously, it’s like 10 hours a week.” For being home such a small amount of time, the place seemed to be put together … Continue reading

Fuck Off, Thanksgiving…Who Needs You

As I was walking back from my swim (yes…I’ve reached the age where I “work out”…I’m as confused as anyone else that knows me) I was thinking of my life (I know, deep) and, eventually, everything that I was truly thankful for. I only say truly in reference to the bullshit heard around Thanksgiving dinner … Continue reading

Not to be a Geek…

…but after tracking down Slayer’s South of Heaven on vinyl and listening to it countless times, I now know what heaven is. The funniest part was when I showed Todd the record and he exclaimed, “Holy shit, Slayer’s on Def Jam?” “Yes. Well, they were. It was all Rick Rubin, you know.” “Wait, Rick Rubin … Continue reading