I awoke this morning with this question in my head: “What the hell is your problem? You’ve had a motorcycle for over a year now. Why aren’t you on the road?”

Well, it’s because my license was suspended in a freak accident when I still lived in Bloomington, Indiana. You see, I was late on my insurance payment therefore they forfeited coverage for a total of three days. What could happen in three days? Some blind college student sideswipes you from the alley and totals your car, that’s what. The state then found out about my lack of insurance and suspended my license. This was 1999. I haven’t driven (legally) since then.

So I’ve decided it’s time. I have to fork over a substantial amount of money to Indiana, get my Illinois driver’s license (a feat in and of itself what with all the paperwork and red tape), take a motorcycle class, get my motorcycle up and running (something that I will put in the hands of an actual mechanic and not my own), track down the dude in California that gave (yes, gave) me the motorcycle for the title, and, finally get my motorcycle license. I plan to have this finished by summer so as to enjoy the weather like I never have before. You see, I’ve never even ridden on a motorcycle.  But that doesn’t mean I CAN’T. Goddamn right I’ll arrive at your door with a helmet and a bug in my nose and a hunger for a tuna salad sandwich.

2 Responses to “Goalz”
  1. April says:

    What if you showed up at my door with a bug on your head and a helmet in your nose? I would be so mindfreaked.

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