I’ve Listened To These Recently…

…while under the influence of cold, cold days. Artist: Indian Album: The Unquiet Sky Format: LP What separates Indian from their Chicago metal brethren? Their undying need to scare the living shit out of any mammal within earshot. “No Able Fires” begins unsurprisingly…drawn out feedback and other-worldy groans. It is when, from there, it travels … Continue reading

To Write is to Wrise Above

…or to be more precise: To create is to find peace. Artists of all kinds, good and bad, seem to be cocky. Cocksure. (It is a male-centric term, as with everything else in this Latin-based world we live in.) Why is that? Let’s ask Henry Miller: Strange as it may seem today to say, the … Continue reading

Hurt Love

1 “I’m in the lobby.” “Okay. I’ll be right down.” I felt a nervous twist in my gut and sighed as I stared at the wall. My head remained hot where my hands had been supporting it and small beads of sweat had appeared in the valleys of my furrowed brow. Resting my mouth upon … Continue reading