The Automatic Sports Car

It was a 1989 Ford Probe. My mother bought it with her own money, and was so proud. I turned 16 in 1994. My mother still had the Ford Probe. I drove it whenever possible. I wrecked it accidentally. Really. Sure, I took it down the south I Street hill, infamous for it’s steepness and … Continue reading

To Elevate to Such Command

There are only a handful of bands that, if they grace Chicago, I will go see. Never mind the weather (tonight, the wind chill rested at a blustery -20 degrees), the plans already made, or the mood. One of these bands is the Walkmen. Loosey-goosey rock ‘n roll hanging in the rafters and pointing a … Continue reading

When the Cold is This Cold, Physically and Personally, the Smallest Amount of Warmth is Sufficient

The air was as cold as expected in a Chicago January; the mid-20s failed to hinder bus top conversation, day trips to the record store, and late night excursions to favorite watering holes. Though, by Tuesday, after receiving information regarding a (now) former friend and ex-girlfriend (whose actions were done with the sole purpose of … Continue reading

Bleary Eyed/Headed

Those who know me know that I am an extremely focused person, whether it be writing, music, jumping into bodies of water, whatever. Those who know me may not know that when the focus goes astray, for reasons unknown, I seemingly become an all-together different person. I don’t and can’t feel when it comes to … Continue reading