I’ve Listened to These Recently

…with a clear head, decisive mind, and headphones jammed in my ears.

Artist: Ragnarok
Album: Blackdoor Miracle
Format: Mp3

It is because of Norway that Black Metal has a home in the modern metal landscape. The hype in the early nineties concerning the murder of Euronymus and the nonstop touring of modern giants Behemoth and Enslaved have kept the music progressive and accessible. Overlooked are raw black metal animals Ragnorok. No, not the greatest name, but that is to be expected in the often laughed at genre.

The overall theme on 2004’s Blackdoor Miracle isn’t that strange – violence (with a focus on guns), satan, and war. It is how they play it that counts. Raw and full of pride, Ragnorok play fast, thought-out, incredible metal. The gunshot on the bridge of the title track brings a smile to the face at the absurdity and genius of the entire project. Highly recommended for public transportation.

Artist: Cult of Luna
Album: Somewhere Along the Highway
Format: LP

Fuck Isis. They’re boring. Pelican can join them. They’re always tolerable on the first few listens, but after a week or so the romance fades. Praise post-metal, though. Smarter-than-thou breadwinners Neurosis started it, and from the looks of things will finish it off. Running alongside after a quick sprint to the lead of the pack, Cult of Luna pushes and expands into the dark corners. A slow and beautiful fright will maifest itself in the room and listen with you. Just a really good record.


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