Love Lost

On the train a girl stands with her bicycle. She alternates sides depending on the opening doors. She’s cordial and cute with a tank top and shorts. An awkward college boy walks up and readies to exit at the next stop, Fullerton. “Nice bike. Is it new?”

“Yeah, it’s a few months old,” she says. Her nose crinkles as she smiles at him. She doesn’t know she’s cute.

“Do you go to school?” He twitches. A lot. There are a few scars preventing hair from covering his crown. His shirt says something about an engineering school.

“No, I graduated last year. Now I’m just temping.” They are both scraping their brains for conversation.

“I’m Brian.” He extends his hand and wraps hers in a warm shake. “Christa.”


“No, Christa.”

They discuss bookstores and movies. Fullerton arrives. “Well, maybe I’ll see you around.”

“Yeah. Bye, Brian.”

“Bye Chirsta.” He smiles on the platform and stops. He turns and returns to the open door. “Maybe we could get a drink or something?”


“Um, let me…,” he murmurs while digging in his bag for something, anything to jot down the digits with. Click. The doors close without warning. His eyes meet hers and turn from excitable to disappointed. At himself, at life. He is a single window away from possible sexual contact.

As the train groans away I can’t help but explode into laughter. Loud. I have been watching from a seat directly beside the episode wondering how it would end up. Would she say yes? She did! What is the plan of action? Wow! Even better!

She looks at me and does not laugh. She merely says, “It’s not that funny.”

“Sorry, but it is.” I calm down and return to my book.

Hell, what a hoot. I’m waiting patiently in this room.


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