When She Asks You…

…why are you worried, make this reason #473. Advertisements

Bullshit News

Instead of covering important things like crib death and storms over the ocean, the Chicago Tribune writes about a deaf dog that disappeared for thirteen days. And, in useless good news fashion, the title included the phrase “No bones about it”. Read the riveting piece here.

Love Lost

On the train a girl stands with her bicycle. She alternates sides depending on the opening doors. She’s cordial and cute with a tank top and shorts. An awkward college boy walks up and readies to exit at the next stop, Fullerton. “Nice bike. Is it new?” “Yeah, it’s a few months old,” she says. … Continue reading

There Are Places to Relax in the City

It juts out into the water at 55th Street. Grassy, settled upon rock, complete with indoor plumbing; Promontory Point asks you to lie in the grass and drink wine. Though your gazers are constantly batting to and fro, it is almost as if they’re closed, asleep. There’s a man in a suit who says his … Continue reading